Top Performance Testing Tools Ranked Based on Features

We analysed numerous tools and ranked the top performance testing tools based on their usage, features and Gartner awards.

Tools typically two types Freeware, Limited user free license, Licensed, Freeware tools are available to anyone without paying a single penny. Limited user free license are you can typically use 50 Virtual users for free. Licensed tools need a specific key to access all of the features to perform any task. We

Here are top Top Performance Testing Tools for performance testing:

1. Micro Focus Load Runner

Loadrunner should definitely be ranked number 1 because of it supporting numerous protocols. Name a technology and it will support it. The tool gets updated very rigorously and it also SAP and oracle apps applications.

Now Loadrunner also has community edition, and you can use to run the load tests up to 50 users. So you can always try the tool before you want to buy the license.

The Disadvantage of this tool, the cost of the tool is very expensive where small companies cannot afford it. But, you can try their SaaS version which pay per use.

Loadrunner Scripting is very hard when compared with other tools like NeoLoad and Jmeter, you need to hire expert to use this tool.

The main components for Loadrunner are Virtual User Generator, Controller and Analysis.

2. Load Ninja

Load Ninja is a tool that reduces testing time to fifty percent. It is also famous for its usability and flexibility.

This tool makes it easier to identify any problem in a real-time environment.

3. is an online testing tool that is famous for its simple structure. It is easy to use and provides clear results. This tool does not need any modification in the settings of a web browser.

This tool has the best features such as report making, showing statistics on a graph, distributed or unparallel testing, and much more.

4. Load View

Load View is a tool that reduces testing efforts. It charges only for the component that a user has used. There is no need for any additional web browser because it can be implemented on any web browser.

It is an embedded tool that includes features like point and clicks, real-time integration, etc.

5. Load UI Pro

Load UI Pro is used for a virtual load on your API. Various API formats are supported by this tool. It comes with the Graphical User Interface (GUI), which turns it sharp enough to capture attention.

The process of analyzation can be performed by this tool. Load UI Pro also generates reports for user experience.

6. Apache JMeter

Apache JMeter is the best open-source Top Performance Testing Tools. It is used for checking performances. This tool comes with two kinds of test plans named as a load test plan and a functional test plan.

It provides the best results for Perl scripts, Java Objects, and servlets. These are part of a functional test plan.

7. Rational Performance Tester

Rational Performance Tester (RPT) is used for web-based applications. It is also known for server-based applications where input and output (I/O) is taking place. It connects a user to the web-services virtually.

It detects the problem and provides an efficient solution to overcome demerits. It is famous for cloud computing. This tool was introduced by IBM.

8. NeoLoad

NeoLoad is used for performance testing. It is the most useful platform for businesses where various applications are taking place. It is an automatic tool. This tool is also famous for designing and maintenance.

It provides reusability, integration, and a Software Design Life Cycle (SDLC). It is a good choice for mobile applications and web-based applications.

9. Load Complete

Load Complete comes with support for websites and web-based applications. This tool is very easy to use. It has the capability of tracking the user activity and then creating thousands of virtual users, which provides a virtual load to check the system performance.

Either you are on your local computer, or you are on a cloud system, this tool is your choice because it helps you to check web-server with a massive virtual load.

Checking an application behavior and end-user experience is no more complex.

10. WAPT

A tool for a website or an online application named Web Application Performance Testing (WAPT). This tool is the best for measuring output. It is also famous for the performance testing of web services, web apps, etc.

It provides comprehensive information about the load. It creates a virtual user on a web-based application. This tool is also used for checking the compatibility of web-based applications with the web browser.

11. Loadster

Loadster is a desktop-based application and uses the HyperText Transfer Protocol (HTTP). A web browser is required to run this tool and to get results. It provides a graphical user interface that enables a user to modify the script easily.

The tool Loadster is famous for bottleneck solutions and betterment in performances.

12. Load Impact

This testing tool is an optimal option for cloud-based services. It resembles users on a website, and if found any stress, then this tool takes place to handle it. This is one of the best Top Performance Testing Tools for stress testing

Load Impact tool has two major parts; the load testing part and the page analyzer part. The analyzer is used for analyzing the merits and demerits of application. There are three types of load testing. Fixed load testing, ramp-up load testing, and timeout load testing. This service is available free of charge, and it also comes with a premium plan too.

13. Testing Anywhere

It is an automatic testing tool that is used to check the performance of a website or a web-based application. The built-in editor of this tool makes a user able to edit the criteria according to choice.

There are five steps to perform this tool successfully. Object renderer, advance web recorder, smart test recorder, image recognition, and editing are the steps.

14. Appvance

Appvance is the best tool for functional testing. It is used to fix the redundancy. This tool is capable of reuse.

Appvance is also compatible with Jenkins, Hudson, Rally, Bamboo, and Jira. It is also capable of synchronization with the current tools such as Selenium, JMeter, JUnit, Jython, etc. You do not need to write a code for your data or information.

15. WebLoad

WebLoad is a testing platform for enterprises where there is a large number of users. The purpose of using this tool is to test online web applications, where data is saved online on the cloud-based servers.

It comes with good features, such as DOM- playbacks, automatic correlation, and JavaScript.


The above Top Performance Testing Tools are ranked based on knowledge and experience and these will be refreshed every month based on the updates that tools get. So keep watching the page.

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