NeoLoad Interview Questions and Answers

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What is NeoLoad?

NeoLoad is a performance testing tool developed by Netoys and it is one of the top performance testing tools in the market.

What is the current version you are using in NeoLoad?

We are using currently NeoLoad 7.2.

What are the different components you have in NeoLoad Standalone?

In NeoLoad standalone we have mainly, Design, Runtime and Results.

In Design section, we have mainly user path, population and monitors

In user paths you can create scripts and debug the scripts, add transactions, define pacing and think time.

In Population, for example, if there are 100 users and you can distribute the load for each script and define percentage of load each script should get etc.

NeoLoad Interview Questions and Answers

In Monitors, you can configure the servers that you want to monitor.

What is the difference between NeoLoad standalone and NeoLoad Web?

NeoLoad standalone is where you can create scripts, design the workload model, and run the tests, but the tests that are running can only viewed by only you and not everyone as this is not online.

NeoLoad Web is used to run the load tests and monitor the test from anywhere using the web browser.

How to install NeoLoad Web?

NeoLoad Web packaged in Docker container and you need to pull the Docker container to your local pc. NeoLoad web image and install in a Docker container.

There are three components mainly in NeoLoad web, NeoLoad frontend container, backend container and mango database container. See this link for more information,

What is the purpose of NeoLoad team server?

NeoLoad team server is used to maintain the licenses in the organization and you can create licenses based on the project. NeoLoad team server can be installed as a regular component.

What are the different statics you can see in NeoLoad summary page?

In summary page, we have mainly Result summary, Statics Summary, hot spots, Errors, Alerts, General Statistics, and Transaction Statistics

Do you know how to integrate NeoLoad with Dynatrace?

Yes, we have NeoLoad plugin by using NeoLoad plugin you can integrate NeoLoad and Dynatrace, Please visit this link for more information.

Do you know how to integrate NeoLoad with Jenkins?

Neoload developed a plugin for Jenkins you need to install the plugin in Jenkins and run the load test.

Do you know how to integrate NeoLoad with Appdynamics?

What is NeoLoad Architecture?

NeoLoad Architecture and Its Components

What is the difference between NeoLoad and Loadrunner?

Difference between NeoLoad and Loadrunner

How to write to file in NeoLoad using JavaScript API?

NeoLoad JavaScript API with Read and Write to File Examples

How to Download and install NeoLoad in Windows and Linux?

How to install NeoLoad Netoys Team Server?

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