Application Performance Monitoring Tools – Ranked

Some of the high-quality APMs to be contemplated are discussed in this article.

Application Performance Management (APM) tools are used to diagnose the problems that occur in the application performance, the frequent software updates give rise to unexpected issues or errors with hardware. APM tools manage all the applications to lessen the burden of IT management, by assigning a single platform. We can deal with the disputes or errors which may arise due to the application’s events, resources or data use, through a single dashboard.

We have considered the best APM tools that can be used for the entire IT approach that are stated and explained as follows:

  1. Datadog APM
  2. Loupe
  3. Kaseya Traverse Monitoring
  4. Stackify Retrace
  5. ManageEngine Applications Manager

1. Datadog APM

It uses web platform, its key features are full-stack visibility, works with cloud platforms, it supports Open Tracing and real-time dashboards, and provides a free trial.

Datadog APM tool is a SaaS-based platform that has a number of attributes that lets it monitor, optimize and troubleshoot the applications and allows the clients to search, analyze and collect traces covering all of the fundaments. Specific codes using a blend of systematic and software measures.

Datadog APM supports an interactive real-time dashboard that provides the portray of data collections and services with single click navigation that allows procedures to be isolated, also lets the user customize the dashboard performances by drag-and-drop or monitored using APIs, to allow alerts of the executions.

Using a single command, Datadog’s APM can be deployed on most well-known frameworks and libraries. Open Tracing protocols are also supported for frameworks and applications developer for vendor-neutral tracing.

The price for APM begins at $36 per host per month with distributed tracing for up to 1 million events per host, and if paid annually it also provides a discount to $31. Adds-on are provided for an extra fee which includes, trace search and analytics, and if paid monthly it costs $1.52 per million APM events, but if paid annually it is discounted to $1.27.

To sign up for Datadog APM tool click here

2. Loupe:

Loupe APM tool contains powerful features, requires no necessary installations and is quick and easy to setup. It uses a web platform, its key features are performance monitoring and bottleneck, it supports dashboard, and provides a free trial but no free tier.

Loupe is a feature-packed APM tool, effective to be aimed at enterprises and IT administrators. It allows you to trace models, performance, and events to work out the causes of concerns negatively affecting the software.

Loupe APM automatically classifies log events so the user can discover and address performance conflicts and issues with fewer disturbances.

To sign up for Loupe APM tool click here

3. Kaseya Traverse Monitoring:

Kaseya Traverse Monitoring is an APM tool used for business purposes. It uses web platform, features include predictive analytics, troubleshoots automatically, and is used to manage performance for cloud and on-premise systems, it supports dashboards and offers a free trial, unfortunately, it doesn’t cover all software areas.

Cloud accompanying with on-premise systems is being used by most of the businesses, or when the users have collections of applications, for the software ranging from the cloud through hybrid to established installations, and managing all of them can be really tough. Kaseya Traverse Monitoring is an APM tool that focuses on tackling these types of scenarios.

Kaseya Traverse Monitoring automatically detects networks, applications, systems, and servers, it means that you don’t have to spare time to configure things manually. After it’s set up and successfully started running Kaseya Traverse Monitoring will observe each application and device to discover any concerns, including on-premise, hybrid and cloud technology. In case of problem detection, it’ll automatically start troubleshooting the process and try its best to resolve it before it makes any disturbance to your business.

Kaseya Traverse Monitoring allows you to back up and restore the changes covering all the applications and sends you the predictive analytics issuing their overall execution.


To sign up for Kaseya Traverse APM tool click here

4. Stackify Retrace:

Stackify Retrace is an APM tool specially designed for devs. It uses web platforms, its features include dev-focused, measurable insights and issues visibility, supports dashboards and offers 14 days free trial.

It is designed taking into consideration the needs of devs and may seem much restricted to the users. It is very common for software developers to come across a number of bugs and performance issues, to fix these bugs and issues Stackify Retrace is known as a targeted ‘devAPM’ system, facilitating the professional developers’ tools that they require to identify and address problems productively.

Stackify Retrace APM alerts the developers in case a bug or issue has been found, is also enhances the levels of performance across production servers. It has been designed to provide data, measurable insights and visibility into application execution and liabilities.

As soon as any concern arises, the alerts are being sent to the destination we have already chosen, the destination includes sms, email, or slack.

The dashboard is centralized that exhibits the performance of the code and displays errors and logs. Stackify is highly upgradable SaaS solution, that can be used with the most ordinary application stacks as well as its easy to install and use. It costs $50 per month per server.

To sign up for Stackify Retrace APM tool click here

5. ManageEngine Applications Manager

It is a powerful and upgradable APM, that uses web platforms, offers 30 days free trial, supports dashboards, functions with a single installation and its features includes scales to 50,000 apps. It covers all the features of the applications and major fundamentals. It identifies and addresses concerns involving users, applications and major components such as servers, ERP packages, virtual system, databases and servers and cloud platforms.

To sign up for Applications manager APM tool click here

We can also consider other APM options:

6. LogicMonitor

It manages all the devices automatically or it works with a set of rules that are preconfigured for the tools the users use. It works with cloud, servers, VMs, apps, websites, and networks.

You can download here – LogicMonitor

7. Dynatrace

Easy to monitor and visualize system and alerts in case of events, focuses to manage complexities in cloud management. It comprehensively identifies problems and rectifies errors.

You can download and try ther SaaS version here – Dyanatrace SaaS

8. New Relic APM

Its clear visualization assists bottlenecks, dependencies, and performance levels providing an overview of the operating environment. It can manage a lot of data including applications and key measures from user agents that aids in identifying solutions of the issues to be adopted by the customer requirements.

You can download the software here – New Relic

9. Microsoft System Center

it aims to make it convenient for the IT infrastructure to be configured, deployed and managed. It has a lot of features that require knowledge but once you grasp with those it makes it easy to configure deployments and custom systems. Check here more about this tool – Microsoft System Center

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