Introduction to Sitescope and its Features

HP Sitescope is an agentless monitoring tool developed by Mercury and acquired by HP. It is designed mainly to monitor application availability and the performance of the distributed IT infrastructures. We can also monitor very large scale infrastructure applications with Sitescope. Sitescope has over 100 monitors,which can be used to monitor different operating systems, application servers, database servers and more!

Sitescope Features:

Sitescope has brainstorming features.Here are some of its most important features:

Browser and Android App Based Application: Sitescope is a web-based application and can be accessed from anywhere. HP has recently introduced Sitescope android application, where we can monitor production servers from Sitescope mobile app.

Easy Installation: Sitescope is very easy to install. It can be installed in your Windows 7 or Windows 8 machines and can be configured easily to monitor your infrastructure.

Agentless Monitoring: Sitescope monitors the servers without the need to install any agent software on the servers to be monitored. This feature makes Sitescope easy to use and maintain.

Monitors: Sitescope collects vast performance monitor metrics on different back-end server components and it also includes alerting and reporting capabilities. These components are configured individually to monitor performance and availability of the applications, alerting and reporting.

Alerts: Sitescope can be configured to send alerts whenever it detects a problem. We can set these thresholds according to our requirements and alerts will be triggered directly to your mail box and mobiles etc.

Reports: Sitescope provides a wide variety of reports from quick reference to detailed reports. This helps you to easily track the application availability and performance of the application.

Sitescope Templates: In Sitescope, we can create and customize templates according to the organization’s requirements. The templates can be used in different environments. HP Sitescope also provides some predefined templates, which help to deploy the various monitors accurately and reduce the deployment time of monitors.

Sitescope Integration: We can integrate Sitescope with different monitoring tools such as HP Business Service Management/HP Business Availability Center, HP Diagnostics, HP Operations Manager, HP Network Node Manager, etc.

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