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Introduction to Loadrunner and Its Features

Welcome to Loadrunner tutorials. In these tutorials, we will cover all the topics of Loadrunner, starting from the basic level to experienced level tutorials. We will cover both the beginners and advanced learners of Loadrunner.



Loadrunner is a perfect solution for Performance Testing by Hewlett-Packard (HP). It is one of the top automated tools for Performance Testing and has occupied almost 50 percent of the market share.

What Loadrunner Does?

Loadrunner can simulate hundreds of virtual users into your application, monitor different performance metrics and help isolate different client, network and server bottlenecks.

Loadrunner is a set of different tools, which help run performance testing smoothly.

Loadrunner consists of the following components:

Virtual User Generator (Vugen): Vugen is mainly used to record an application business flow and generate the scripts. Once you generate the script, you can enhance the script by adding different transaction names, check points etc.

Controller: Controller is the component where you upload Vugen scripts, simulate hundreds of users, and monitor different web servers, application servers and database servers to find the bottlenecks in the applications.

Analysis: You can use analysis after the load test has been completed. The Analysis tool gives you different graphs to quickly identify the bottlenecks. You can compare and merge different graphs using this tool.

Load Generator: Load generator is a tool that is used to generate load from different machines. You can install load generators in different machines and connect to the controller. The controller will act as a master, control all the load generators, and gathers all the data from load generators.

Load Generator Calculator: This helps calculate how many load generators are required for simulating the load.

Protocol Advisor: This helps you find a suitable protocol to record an application with Vugen. It scans all the application, captures different elements and suggests a list of protocols.